One way to limit results to studies conducted by U.S. researchers is to add an Affiliation set to your search.

You can limit results to include only articles where one author is affiliated with a U.S. institution by adding the following words to your search:


You can use the same process to limit a search to University of Utah affiliated authors. I usually just add:

AND "university of utah"[ad]

Note: You will miss articles that do not have complete affiliation data. For example, articles may just have the author's email. Also, older articles often have less complete affiliation data.


The information that is included in the Affiliation field [ad] changed Jan 1, 2014.

"Affiliation may be included for authors, corporate authors and investigators, e.g., cleveland [ad] AND clinic [ad], if submitted by the publisher. Multiple affiliations were added to citations starting from 2014, previously only the first author’s affiliation was included."