Up To Date requires users log in once a quarter to confirm they are still with the University. To gain access to Up To Date, navigate to our mobile apps page and scroll down to the Up To Date link:


Be sure to be using remote access or be logged on to the U Network when clicking the Up To Date link.

- Log in by using the Register/Login button on the UpToDate main search page. This is give you access to the desktop version.
- If you would like the app, search for and download the appropriate app (for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices.)
- Once your log in is confirmed you may now use those UpToDate credentials to login via your mobile device.
Please note: 1) the enterprise app does require internet and 2) you will need to log into your UpToDate account once a quarter.
If you have any further questions or problems accessing Up To Date, please email me or stop by the library front desk and I would be happy to help troubleshoot.